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When you have finalised your design proposals, we can superimpose our tree information and produce a drawing which details the nature and location of protection measures and also any special measures required to reduce or prevent impact upon retained trees.

At Smeeden Foreman we are experienced in liaising and consulting with Local Authority Tree Officers to ensure that the tree protection measures will be accepted in planning.

The Tree Protection Plan can be submitted with the planning application, or it is often required as a condition of the planning consent, requiring agreement with the Local Authority prior to commencement of work on site.  

Depending on the complexity of the relationship between the retained trees and the development proposals, the Local Authority may request a Method Statement as a condition of the planning consent.

The Method Statement describes the measures to be employed when works are carried out in proximity to existing trees, to demonstrate they can be undertaken without adverse impacts on trees.  If required this can also include a schedule of arboricultural supervision.

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