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The main aim of the landscape design at Kingshurst Academy was to link a new four storey building with the existing building whilst allowing a high degree of permeability in a relatively confined space. We did this through the use of curvilinear block paved and resin bound patterns across a level area with groves of birch trees,allowing students and staff to cross the space unhindered and in which ever way they liked. Levels were a challenge and so a sweep of steps and ramps were proposed to maintain permeability.

The ecological aims of the school were enhanced through the use of native trees, native wetland and grassland species and their use in a sustainable drainage system—two swales—which form a feature at the front of the school. This was incorporated into the Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). 

In tandem with consulting with the students and staff Smeeden Foreman worked closely with the architects and engineers as part of the team, to ensure that the landscape design is thought through, complete and detailed to achieve the best practical solution.

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