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There are 17 species of bats which are resident in the UK, all of these species are protected by UK and European law and many species are included within the UK and Local BAPs.

Bats typically roost within cracks and crevices in trees, buildings, dry stone walls and caves. We undertake Bat Roost Potential (BRP) surveys to identify a sites roosting opportunities for bats. We also undertake Bat Activity surveys to Bat Conservation Trust Good Practice Guidelines (2023) in order to satisfy the requirements of the local authority. Our Ecology Calendar provides timings of bat surveys and mitigation works.

All our ecologists are licensed to undertake surveys for bats including initial assessment of buildings and trees and follow up surveys including emergence/re-entry surveys and aerial tree inspections. We are also qualified to obtain mitigation licences for sites where bat roosts are identified and supervise works where bats may be present.

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