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Carolyn Ramsbottom

Chartered Landscape Architect


Carolyn is a landscape architect and began her career over 12,000 miles away on the shores of New Zealand, where she trained at the specialist land-based institute, Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand.


She has Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. In 2013, Carolyn won a competition to design a tranquil space to be constructed in Christchurch following the devastating earthquakes in 2011. The garden was constructed and is located in the city centre and is open to the public. Carolyn’s antipodean experiences include the extra cultural dimension which is to be considered in New Zealand design, as land is very much an integral part of Maori culture, and designs must be sensitive to this.


Carolyn enjoys landscape visualisation work, and her interests lie in regeneration and enhancement of public space, including the re-use of old sites such as industrial brownfield areas, which can be transformed to thriving community spaces that acknowledge and celebrate the history of an area.

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